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Should Tyson Fury and Canelo Alvarez stop trying to fight celebrities outside of boxing?

Celebrity boxing has turned into a money-making machine that has included only a few pro or former pro boxers in the mix. Big names such as Tyson Fury and Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez have been entertaining the idea to tease possible confrontations from boxers who are not professionals and aren't even part of the rankings. Canelo has already spoken about possibly fighting people his size such as Jake Paul or Conor McGregor. Fury himself has done a face-off with Francis Ngannou and got hiself into a Twitter war with Jon Jones. Even though most of these names are also combat sports athletes, they can be considered celebrities because boxing is not their strong suit. Boxing purists have constantly criticized any pro boxer who entertains this idea.

Should Canelo and Fury stop trying to box celebrities?

If the publicized fight between Floyd Mayweather and either Conor McGregor or Logan Paul hadn't been successful, perhaps these purists would have a good point. But the pay-per-view sales alone proved these were actually great ideas and promotion for other celebrity boxing fights took a life of its own. Due to how much these pro fighters can potentially get paid, it's easy to understand why both Fury and Canelo lend themselves to play this narrative. Playing around with statements and threats is very different then actually making a decision to fight any of these celebrity boxers. But make no mistake, there is actually a good chance we'll see this happen sometime in the boxing legends' careers.

The one chance these two boxers have to entertain and agree to deals for boxing these celebrities is only after they consider their pro career to be over. This definitely won't happen before that because they will still aim to either defend their titles or fight for them in the event of losing them. Purists will never like this idea but it's the new reality we are living in boxing. Celebrity fights are here to stay for a long time. Aside from all the names we previously mentioned, which other celebrities or MMA fighters would you like either Fury or Canelo to fight inside a ring?

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