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Utah Jazz looking to model rebuild on Boston Celtics with John Collins trade

Danny Ainge is embarking on a new adventure with the Utah Jazz in the hopes of rebuilding the team into a championship contender, and he is using his time at the Boston Celtics to help achieve his goals.

Ainge was instrumental in completing a trade for John Collins from the Atlanta Hawks on Monday, which adds a potentially key piece to the Jazz roster.

Rudy Gay went in the opposite direction along with a future second-round draft pick, and Ainge had previously tried to move for Collins when he was president of basketball operations with the Celtics.

Ainge is making use of cap space

What is clear about the Jazz's moves this off-season is that they have a lot of cap space to utilize, starting with Collins.

Gay's 6.8-million-dollar salary has been wiped off, although they are taking on all of Collins' 25 million dollars.

With the Celtics, Ainge attempted to buy low and sell high with regards to players, helping to develop lesser fancied pieces on the court and then leveraging them for better players on the open market.

After brief flirtations with success as Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert ran the show in Utah, their departures have left the team with a lack of star quality, but an abundance of draft capital.

They are preparing for the future and will have good options in future drafts, but are for now building around a front-three of Collins, Lauri Markkanen and Walker Kessler.

Markkanen is a particularly interesting selection as he was once tipped for greatness with the Chicago Bulls, but he has since lost his way.

Ainge has already let key pieces leave the Jazz locker room, which he did in Boston with success, bit he must know replicate the success he had there in replacing them with productive veterans with a low salary.

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