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Alvin Kamara agrees to plea deal in Las Vegas assault charges

Alvin Kamara, the running back for the New Orleans Saints, has arrived at a resolution for the civil lawsuit brought against him in relation to a physical altercation that occurred in Las Vegas in February 2022. Furthermore, Kamara issued an expression of remorse to the victim, Darnell Greene.

The news of the settlement was made public by Greene's legal representative, Tony Buzbee, on his social media platforms. The specifics of the agreement were not disclosed.

In his letter, Kamara stated, "I extend my deepest regrets over the incident on February 5, 2022, in Las Vegas. I'm relieved that we've been able to move past this regrettable situation, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors."

Footage had surfaced of Kamara, alongside several other men, landing multiple punches on Greene.

The lawsuit against Kamara, which sought $10 million in damages, was filed by Greene in November.

Earlier today, Kamara accepted a guilty plea to a lesser charge of disturbing the peace. In consequence of this, Kamara is obliged to pay Greene a sum of $100,000 for medical expenses.

Charges against Kamara and three other individuals included conspiring to commit battery and battery leading to significant bodily injury. However, Kamara was not found guilty of these charges.

Kamara will look to move past this case and improve on what was a lackluster season

Kamara will look to move past this case and improve on what was a lackluster season

With the disappearance of these charges, the closing of the misdemeanor court case, and the settlement of the civil lawsuit, Kamara is nearly completely exonerated from this incident. The only remaining potential sanction for Kamara is the verdict the NFL will pass on how to penalize the renowned running back for the Saints.

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