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Barcelona's reaction to the Mbappe rumor: There's nothing to it

Early Monday afternoon reports suggested that Barcelona and PSG would hold talks over the possible signing Mbappe.

L'Equipe were the ones to release the story, with the news going around the world and the Blaugrana players waking up to the bombshell headline while in the United States.

However, not long after, Barcelona put an end to the rumor.

MARCA can confirm, there is nothing to the rumor. Barcelona have taken no steps to sign the Frenchman.

Therefore, it's nothing more than speculation that has garnered some interest given Real Madrid's interest in signing the player.

It should not be forgotten that the Catalan team is going through serious financial problems.

For three summers, financial fair play has altered the club's transfer policy, which led to Messi's departure in 2021.

Last year, the Catalan club was able to make signings, but only thanks to the famous 'financial levers'.

Barcelona's reaction to the Mbappe rumors: There's nothing to it

Not yet registered

So far during the 2023 window Barcelona have signed three players, but have been unable to register members of the current squad who have signed new deals for Gundogan, Inigo Martínez and Oriol Romeu.

In fact, Barcelona was unable to sign Guler or Brozovic due to the financial issues.

For all these reasons, the Mbappe deal is economically unfeasible even if it included players in order to lower the financial outlay.

In any case, Barcelona did not want the rumor to spread and have quickly acted.

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