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Cincinnati Bengals confirm Joe Burrow will miss 'several weeks': Who can replace him?

What all Joe Burrow and Cincinnati Bengals fans feared has unfortunately happened, the QB1 will be out of activity for several weeks. Coach Zac Taylor was ased about it after Friday's practice and he confirmed the bad news. Burrow hurt himself with what seemed like a muscular tear and immediately started limping. A cart had to enter the field and they took him to the dressing rooms. Doctors conducted test scans and they found there is damage in the muscle tissue of his right calf. A day before the injury, Joe Burrow reported to his head coach he was experiencing tightness in that same calf. That forced him to have a sleeve on during practice and we all saw how he got injured.

Joe Burrow hits bombs at the Reds ballparkTW/@OliviaRayTV

Zac Taylor offers time Joe Burrow will be out

Accoring to Cincinnati Benglas Head Coach Zac Taylor, Joe Burrow is expected to miss several weeks but he didn't specify a number. Several doesn't sound like two, which is usually the time it takes a minor muscle injury to heal properly. Several does sound like Joe Burrow will be out for more time than they hoped. It has also been confirmed Joe Burrow will miss the rest of training camp in order to recover as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that the NFL season officially kicks off during the first week of September. There are images of Joe Burrow's face of disappointment as he is carted off the field from yesterday's practice.

With the clock ticking for him, it's not safe to rush his recovery and the Cincinnati Bengals need to be looking at the options inside the team to replace him. There is a good number of backup plans the Cincinnati Bengals have to replace Burrow while he recovers. There is a free-agent list that is thin and they currently have both Trevor Sieman and Jake Browing as backups inside the team. If they wanted to trade for a new quarterback, there are also a few options but none of them could cause impact similar to Joe's. San Francisco 49ers' Sam Arnold and Trey Lance, Carolina Panthers' Andy Dalton, and Indiannapolis Cots' Gardner Minshew are good options, But Los Angeles Rams' Matthew Stafford is probably the best option right now.

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