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How Benzema's departure was a catalyst for the latest chapter of the Mbappe saga

Kylian Mbappe sent his now-famous letter to Paris Saint-Germain on June 12, making it clear that he would not renew his contract until 2025.

The possibility of the striker joining Real Madrid this summer was initially not considered, but now it seems to be the most likely option.

Meanwhile, PSG, through president Nasser Al-Khelaifi, have firmly stated their position.

Al-Khelaïfi talks about Mbappe's new contract: "it is impossible for him to go free"Marca English

"It is impossible for us to let him leave on a free contract," Al-Khelaifi explained.

"If he wants to stay, he will have to renew [his contract]."

The club's response to the player's letter, one which was revealed by L'Equipe, expressed surprise at this sudden change in the player's stance.

The role of Benzema in the Mbappe saga

PSG believe that one of the reasons for Mbappe's change in strategy may be the departure of Karim Benzema to Saudi Arabia.

The original plan was for Benzema to leave in June 2024 after agreeing to a contract renewal, but his sudden departure altered the situation.

Three weeks before the veteran's move to Saudi Arabia, discussions about Mbappe's PSG renewal were progressing well, with meetings and proposals even involving other Qatari investments. However, everything changed abruptly.

The contract renewal scenario was considered beneficial for all parties involved, as PSG would recover part of their substantial investment by offloading him in June 2024, while Mbappe would fulfil his dream of participating in the Olympics with France and he would then fill the void left by Benzema at Real Madrid.

The letter from Mbappe marked a radical shift and caught PSG off guard. The club have responded firmly, keeping the renewal proposal on the table but emphasizing the need for a prompt decision.

Mbappe's new strategy is seen as hindering the club's project, which requires pursuing a reliable striker if he is not going to continue.

PSG are above players

The club have long recognized the need to assert their authority over their star players. The case of Lionel Messi serves as a prime example, as he was sidelined after traveling to Saudi Arabia to film a commercial as the country's ambassador.

Furthermore, Messi's case serves as a reminder that a footballer should not hold a club hostage, as was the case with the Argentine star in his previous club, and that Mbappe's manoeuvre puts the financial stability of the club at risk.

"The party is over, PSG are above everyone, including the president and any player, no matter who they are," people at the Ligue 1 club have noted.

"If Mbappe truly wants to leave now, let him go."

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