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Miles Bridges' ex-wife comes out in his defense: 'Everybody deserves a second chance'

Charlotte Hornets star Miles Bridges was just convicted to three years of probation after being found guilty of domestic abuse. He recently came out to spologize to the public for his actions. Miles beat his ex-wife, Mychelle Johnson in front of their children. One would think that any woman who suffers this type of abuse would instantly leave the man who did it but relationships are much more complex than that. Especially the toxic ones. We will never get to understand what an abused woman thinks and how her actions can be justified. All we can do is report that Mychelle Jones just came out in Miles Bridges' defense via her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Mychelle Johnson wants people to give Miles Bridges a break

Women beaters usually don't do well anywhere when they are caught, Miles Bridges is no exception as he's been trolled non-stop since the whole case became public. Who comes out in his defense? The same woman he beat, who is not hesitating to publicly ask for a second chance for Miles. Mychelle is flat out saying Miles Bridges is not a woman beater and the NBA should give him a chance to redeem himself. It is not our place to say whether she might be right or wrong, only report what she's been saying on her social media accounts. It is 100% certain that Mychelle is thinking about their children and the future they might have if Miles is kicked out of the NBA.

This is what she wrote on her social media accounts: "I'm the one who spoke out almost a year ago and sometimes I wish I didn't. Seeing the way people treat others and considering I'll always have love fr Miles. Our kids love him but it also hurts me to see the constant bashing and tearing down on him. He's a human being just like us all, I make mistakes. You do, we all do. He's not a woman beater. If you asked me to describe him, that word would never come to my mind. He's never, ever abused out children. We all have our flaws and he's not perfect but overall, he is a good person. And no, he didn't ask me to say any of this, I chose to. I'm the reason for the bashing and hopefully I can be the reason for an open heart."

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