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New Spurs arena reportedly under consideration in latest dislpay of Wembanyama's impact

Victor Wembanyama is already an NBA sensation -- and he is yet to play a regular season game. The 19-year-old played only two Summer League games, but millions of viewers tuned in to watch the 7'5'' phenom, who averaged 18 points and 10 rebounds per game.

Wembanyama's impact is projected to be a significant boost to the San Antonio Spurs, who have struggled in recent years but could soon see a reversal in fortunes. The team has reportedly even started exploring a move to a new arena in the coming years.

The house that Wemby built?

The Spurs have largely enjoyed great success since moving to AT&T Center in 2002. They have won four NBA championships while playing at the arena, but success has been harder to come by since the last titlw in 2014.

While coach Gregg Popovich is still around after signing a contract extension, San Antonio has lost plenty of icons in recent years, including Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, and Kawhi Leonard.

The franchise clearly expects serious growth, on and off the court, with Wembanyama now in tow. And although renovations have been made in the past decade to AT&T Center, nine new NBA facilities have been opened since the first game was played there.

Spurs already reaping rewards of drafting Wembanyama

Any new downtown arena proposal for the Spurs will be slow-gestating and likely take years to come to fruition -- if it happens at all. But in the meantime, a franchise that has missed the playoffs in each of the past four seasons has plenty other things going for it.

Wembanyama's presence has seen officially-licensed gear fly off the shelves, and he brought with him renewed interest in Summer League action while season-ticket sales have spiked since his arrival. The pressure is Wemby to lead a Spurs revival that could yet culminate in a brand-new arena for the team -- and most enouragingly, the teenage is showing he is ready to handle the expectations.

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