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Nikola Jokic's strange moment: Gets MVP chants while rafting down a river

Nikola Jokic is back in his native Serbia on some well-deserved holidays after helping the Denver Nuggets win the NBA championship.

The big Serbian is a known introvert, and has gone viral in recent months for his blunt, concise and honest interviews where he makes it clear that the limelight and attention is not something he cares one little bit about.

He even stunned journalists when they asked him what it would mean to win the championship, and he simply responded that basketball, to him, is "just a job".

After the Nuggets won the NBA title, Jokic was caught unaware that there would be a parade, voicing his eagerness to return to Serbia instead.

Well, as it happens, he can't get any peace and quiet even back home.

Fans spot him rafting

Now back in Serbia, Jokic went rafting with a group of friends, but his compatriots spotted him and began to call "MVP" in his direction.

Jokic modestly raised his hand in acknowledgement. Despite not liking the attention, Jokic makes no secret of his love for his country, and will surely have been pleased, at least on the inside, at the recognition from his fellow Serbs.

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