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Should Leo Messi hire a security detail in Miami amid growing violence in the U.S.?

Images of Lionel Messi attending a Publix store in the city of Miami with his family started flooding the internet and surprised all soccer fans. In different countries from Europe or Argentina, Messi would be mobbed instantly because he is considered a deity. But the city of Miami seems to be quite different, Leo was doing some shopping for groceries alongside his two oldest sons and wife Antonella Rocuzzo. Although he did stop for some pictures with fans who recognized him, this level of interaction is far more uncommon than what Leo himself was expecting. Suddenly, he can now taste a little bit of what no longer seemed possible for a footballer of his status.

What are you doing? Fan kisses Messi after family dinnerMarca English

But this instantly raises questions due to the growing violence in multiple cities across the United States. The city of Miami is no different and this level of carelessness seems a little too risky for a person as famous as him. Users online immediately started asking of perhaps hiring a security detailed that could offer him far more protection than yesterday. Getting confident that nothing could happen to him is not smart, his father might need to take this matter seriously and protect Leo Messi at all costs. We are not saying anything will happen but neither Messi nor his family know how popular he will become int he United States.

Can the Leo Messi mania affect Americans?

The issue here is that we have no idea how much impact Leo Messi will have in American sports once he starts playing. We can already expect top quality football from him but Americans famously like playing soccer far more than they actually like watching it. Other sports are way more prominent in the day-to-day life in American society. On the other hand, criminals easily see a millionaire like Leo Messi unprotected and could see him as an easy target. Leo needs to be protected in similar fashion to how he is protected in the rest of the world. Not getting mobbed doesn't mean he is free from any type of danger.

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