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Skip Bayless vs. Charles Barkley: How the beef started and how it's going

Sports analyst Skip Bayless and NBA legend Charles Barkley have recently been going at each other's throats with passive aggressive comments that have been brewing for more than two decades.

Barkley, 60, called Bayless an "idiot" on live television after Shannon Sharpe left Undisputed and has often even joked about wanting to kill the controversial talking head.

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Bayless, 71, finally responded to Barkley's constant onslaught of hateful comments a couple months ago and said he would no longer remain quiet when attacked.

Barkley doubled down on his trolling of Bayless while covering Capital One's The Match last week and once again called him an"idiot."

Bayless took to Twitter a day later to clap back at Chuck by calling him a clown. The ball is now in Barkley's court.

Charles Barkley obsessed with Skip Bayless

When Bayless first responded to Barkley on his YouTube channel, The Skip Bayless Show, he claimed that the Hall of Famer has been hounding him for 20 years.

Bayless has been covering the NBA since the Michael Jordan era, and like many other players, Barkley resents the journalist for writing hit pieces about him while playing for the Phoenix Suns.

Barkley is now also a sports analyst and is seemingly obsessed with taking shots at Bayless.

The beef has lasted over 20 years, but it's clearly just getting started. Barkley, who doesn't use social media, is likely going to respond next time he's on a podcast or TV.

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