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Stephen Curry signs up for the 2024 Olympics for a reason: I'd play for him any day of the week

Steph Curry's basketball career has been as good as anyone could have hoped for when he was drafted, he will go down as the Golden State Warriors' greatest ever player, and arguably the catalyst for a fundamental change in how the sport is played.

After getting back on top in terms of a championship in 2022, Curry now wants to take his skills back to the international stage, where he will participate in the 2024 Olympic Games with the U.S. Basketball team.

When asked of his reasons for joining the team at such an advanced stage of his career, Curry admitted that the presence of his mentor, Steve Kerr, as coach of the U.S. team was a huge factor in his decision.

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"I have no idea what next summer looks like, it's obviously an extra bonus that Coach Kerr is leading the charge," Curry told ESPN.

"I'd love to play for him any day of the week, so let's see how things are going in Summer 24'.

"It's the one piece of the resume that coach always likes to joke that I don't have. He's already kind of recruiting for next season, or next summer."

Curry will be 36 when the Olympics begin

There is no getting away from the fact that the 2024 Olympics will likely be Curry's last realistic chance of claiming his first Olympic gold medal.

He will be 36 years old by the time the tournament begins in 2024, and with the quality of young guards in the NBA at this moment, there is a very realistic chance that even if he did somehow stay playing until 2028, he wouldn't be the best performing American in his position, or even close to it.

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