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Trevor Bauer goes kicking and screaming to the locker room in Japan while facing kickback for 'racist' celebration

Trevor Bauer is currently in Japan playing for the Yokohama DeNa Baystars and had a rough game as he was clearly losing it kicking and screaming for what seemed the lack of action from the team that bought his contract after he left the Los Angles Dodgers.

Bauer was seemingly furious at the players for not being agile enough to have productive plays, in one of them, the pitcher had to run to first base to catch the ball that the first baseman should've been ready for, this made him blow up and scream from to top of his lungs "Wake Up!"

Trevor Bauer screams 'Wake Up!'

During the last innings of the night, the Baystars had a terrible defensive performance, just to name a few, they had 3 runners that could've been easy outs, and even a triple play was up for grabs. However, they did not send a single man to the dugout.

This sent Bauer to the locker room fuming and yelling, right behind the pitcher, Daisuke Miura followed him and signaled for more players to join him to talk to the former Los Angeles Dodgers and calm him down.

Trevor Bauer's violence and sexual abuse accusations

Bauer played for the Los Angeles Dodgers until MLB commissioner Rob Manfred took action as the pitcher violated the domestic violence and sexual assault policy established by the league.

A San Diego woman claimed that Bauer sexually abused her and hit her in 2021. Manfred suspended Bauer initially for two years, however, an arbiter reduced the suspension to 194 games, regardless, the bad news did not stop there.

The Los Angeles Dodgers cut Trevor Bauer in January, although he denies the allegations and has not been charged with any crime, nobody got close to a deal with the pitcher.

In Japan, he claims is currently facing resistance from the media in the United States and that they are trying to paint a picture where he is not being liked because he was racist.

Bauer also dropped a defamation case against Molly Knight from The Athletic, and right next to it, another lawsuit hit him when a woman accused the player of holding a steak knife to her throat.

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