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Ancelotti's talk with Kroos and Modric is about respect and clarity

Kroos and Modric have lost some of their importance in the Real Madrid starting XI and Carlo Ancelotti wanted to avoid a possible conflict with a chat with both players, who still have a lot to contribute.

However, it's obvious that their contributions are going to become limited, and the club are keen for a smooth transition into expect future departures.

Carlo Ancelotti knows football to perfection. He knows the dressing room codes from his playing days. He proved it by starting Lunin against Almería, despite the presence on the bench of newcomer Kepa. Looking at the composition of the current squad, he knew that one of the moments of tension could come in midfield.

In the summer of 2022, he already sensed it and that is why he gathered KroosCasemiro and Modric in Los Angeles to explain to them that they might have to share minutes in the presence of players like Tchouameni, Valverde and Camavinga.

The Brazilian's departure changed the plans. Well, before the start of LaLiga, the talk was repeated, this time with the Croatian and the German.

Exemplary professionals

Toni Kroos and Luka Modric have illuminated Real Madrid's play over the last decade. They have been decisive in the successes of the club and want to continue to be so.

They are impeccable professionals. They have understood what Real Madrid is and means from day one. They earned their renewal for what they did last season. They didn't look for a prize, but for recognition. It was said and done.

Ancelotti, in his talk with them, insisted on the obligatory generational change, but he made it clear to them that they would continue to have their weight within the team, especially when the calendar takes the team to play two games a week.

The situation is not easy to understand for any footballer, especially when they still feel physically strong.

The Italian coach himself did not understand it when he was a player. Capello gradually relegated him in the presence of a young player called Demetrio Albertini. The player never feels inferior to his team-mate. It doesn't matter how old he is, nor the quality of the newcomer.

One always thinks he is the best. The situation seems to be under control, but everything can change and for that Ancelotti wanted to clarify everything and make it clear that he counts on them even if their role will be different.

A starter

The start of the season was not going to be easy for either of them. The bench is not to their liking and until it arrives in the succession of matches, Kroos and Modric have to understand their new role.

The German started against Almeria because of Camavinga's problems. The Croatian repeated his substitution against Celta, but the truth is that he has played in all three games. The coach wanted to show that he is still counting on them.

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