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Conor McGregor vs Jake Paul: This was their argument via now-deleted tweets

Conor McGregor and Jake Paul engaged in a heated exchange on social media on Sunday evening.

After Paul's boxing victory over Nate Diaz the night before, the Irishman used social media to criticize both of them.

Conor McGregor practices martial arts with his son in the parkRoberto Ortega

"That was abysmal last night, Paul is a re***d, absolute garbage he is," McGregor wrote.

"Moving backwards like I was watching a fight in rewind. Holy garbage. Embarrassing stuff all round in my opinion."

Paul didn't hesitate to respond to the Irishman's remarks and hit back at McGregor.

"Buddy you need to get into rehab and then USADA, until then shut the f**k up," Paul noted.

"Floyd Mayweather toyed with you. Dustin Poirier chinned you. Khabib Nurmagomedov and Nate Diaz choked you out.

"And I would put you in the coffin for good, even as juiced up as you are."

A frustrated McGregor then called Paul a "wi***r", an offensive term for a white individual who imitates the perceived behaviors, language and styles linked to African-American culture.

In response, Paul retaliated by sharing an image of Diaz chocking McGregor in their initial encounter, juxtaposed with a snapshot of himself knocking down Diaz during their recent match on Saturday.

"Jake the snake Roberts, re***d boxing for re***ds, Jake Paul is a baldy wi***r," McGregor replied to caption a screenshot of Paul in the corner on Saturday night.

It didn't end there, as the American then claimed that McGregor is using drugs.

"Cocaine Conor coming for me? Say no to drugs kids or you may end up in a bathroom with a woman who isn't your wife," Paul added.

Conor McGregor deletes his tweets

Then, McGregor deleted his tweets, only to be mocked by the YouTuber-turned-boxer.

"Good boy deleting your tweets, Conny, hit me once you get out of rehab or jail," Paul noted.

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