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Dillon Danis continues trolling Logan Paul: Posts picture of Nina Agdal with LeBron James

Before we go any further, we need to say that LeBron James has been happily married for a full decade and he will likely not appreciate being dragged into this public feud. Bellator fighter Dillon Danis has been trying to get under Logan Paul's skin since their October 14 fight was announced. They are the undercard of the boxing match between KSI and Tommy Fury and Dillon Danis already started his cruzade against the WWE star. We've already covered hos Danis posted multiple pictures of super model Nina Agdal with some of her former partners before getting engaged with Logan Paul. That should've been more than enough for Dillon Danis to cause the effect he was looking for. But no, he wanted to rattle the cage even more than that.

Logan Paul ignites a chaotic brawl during Jake Paul's triumph against Nate Diaz.Marca

Has Dillon Danis crossed the line?

After three pictures of former Nina Agdal flames, Dillon Danis posted a clearly doctored image of the super model in which she is topless. That should've been where Logan Paul draws a line but Danis took it a step further. He posted a photo of Nina Agdal posing with NBA superstar LeBron James. Danis is clearly insinuating something going on but all he wants is to make Logan Paul lose his cool. All the WWE star has done is post an image of Nina Agdal on his Instagram stories posing with one of the couple's dogs. No reaction to Danis is likely to occurr but anything can happen. Also, no reaction from LeBron James has taken place either.

Amid all these provocations, people who are reacting to his posts are in two ends of the spectrum. Either they point out him absolutely crossing a line or they praise him for how he is promoting the fight. There is no in-between with a fighter as controversial as Dillon Danis. Overthe last 24 hours, Danis' social media has been extremely busy as he also attacked Youtuber Alissa Violet, who has a past with both of the Paul brothers. Everybody should keep an eye out for both Dillon Danis and Logan Paul's social media profiles. At the least, this is guaranteed online entertainment.

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