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Ebanie Bridges breaks silence amid Conor McGregor controversy: 'It's just business'

IBF Banthamweight champion Ebanie Bridges was already criticized for appearing to flirt with Conor McGregor in previous events. She clearly doesn't care what people say about her as she made the decision to make another even more public appearance with the UFC legend. It all took place at the Anthony Joshua vs Robert Helenius fight last Saturday at London's O2 Arena. Conor dropped in with an interesting entourage that consisted on three gorgeous women, they seemed like ringside models who are known in the combat sports world. Although one of them immediately caught everyone's attention. She is no model, we are talking about boxing world champion Ebanie Bridges.

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Ebanie Bridges breaks her silence amid Conor McGregor scandal

During the event, Ebanie Bridges appeared completely thrilled to be there promoting Conor McGregor's Forged Irish Stout. Before the event, she was part of a panel where she served the beer while wearing clothes with the brand all over them. Eventually, she made it ringside to accompany Conor McGregor and enjoy the event. Both of them seemed happy to be there but their presence garnered unwanted attention. People online were quick to point out that Bridges was only doing this for the clout and they also mentioned McGregor's wife. Many started floating the 'home-wrecker' nickname around simply by looking at how McGregor and Bridges seemed to be enjoying themselves during the event.

But the champion boxer was having none of it, she decided to upload an interview where she discusses these rumors and explains why she linked up with Conor. In her view, this is only a business venture she is doing alongside McGregor because they both understand how much publicity they can make together. At no point in the interview did she mention anything out of line with Conor, she is obviously aware of the rumors and didn't want to feed into any of them. In fact, she called out all the haters through an X post where she promotes the beer. None of what the fans outrage about matters for either Bridges or McGregor, it's just business.

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