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Kobe Bryant's most unapologetic moment: You should've got the f**k out the way

Kobe Bryant was a legendary basketball player who was known for his fierce competitiveness. He was also known for his blunt and sometimes abrasive personality. One story that illustrates this is the time he injured Roy Hibbert, who featured for the Indiana Pacers.

Paul George, who was Hibbert's teammate at the time, recalled the incident on Podcast P. He said that Bryant accidentally elbowed Hibbert in the face during a game, breaking his nose.

"Kobe [Bryant] had broke Roy Hibbert's nose," George said.

"You know, Roy was wearing a mask, and it came from that elbow from Kobe. [So Hibbert was like], 'Kobe, hey yo, you broke my nose man.' Kobe said stone-faced, 'You should've got the f**k out the way then.'

"It was funny, when he was telling me, he asked Kobe and when he went to Kobe, he was like a little kid, thinking Kobe was gonna be like, 'Oh my bad, I'm sorry I did that'."

This story is a reminder of Bryant's intense focus and his willingness to do whatever it took to win. It also shows that he was not afraid to speak his mind, even if it meant offending someone.

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