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Kyrie Irving threatens to expose Dave Portnoy and other media members in one-on-one

Dallas Mavericks guard Kyrie Irving hosted a Twitch stream in which he again called out Bartool Sports president Dave Portnoy and other media members to play him one-on-one in an attempt to make them eat their words when talking about his career.

Irving, 31, was speaking about how anybody who is not a professional player of any sport can not call an athlete "trash," clearly referring to media pundits, including Portnoy.

Portnoy's purchase means no one can tell Barstool Sports what to do anymoreMarca

"I still owe two people on Twitter a one-on-one," Irving said. "Gunz Show and dude from Barstool, David Portnoy. ... I have no personal issues with them. ... I'm gonna use these guys as examples when these guys start talking out the side of their f---ing mouth about my craft and my career."

Irving challenged Portnoy to the one-on-one back in June and the Barstool president happily accepted despite having a bum shoulder.

Portnoy, 46, explained that the beef between he and Irving started over the NBA star tweeting out a link to an anti-Semitic book.

David Portnoy ready for Kyrie Irving

Irving and Portnoy agreed to the one-on-one via Twitter and the NBA star said he's like their parents to meet during dinner after the game.

Now Irving is saying he still "owes" Portnoy the one-on-one, so it might actually be in the works sometime in the near future.

Irving is an NBA champion and would clearly mop the TD Garden floor with Portnoy, which would still be entertaining.

During his Twitch stream, Irving also reacted to an Austin Reaves highlight while playing for Team USA.

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