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Logan Paul responds to PRIME energy drink critics with a fact-filled interview

Logan Paul is finally pulling no punches amid so much criticism against his energy drink business known as PRIME. The famous Youtuber/WWE star appeared on Fox News and TMZ to talk about the facts that revolve around this alleged controversy. Representatives in the Senate publicly called for the drink to be investigated for the unusually high levels of caffeine. However, Logan Paul wanted to set the record straight and compare his drink with other compatitors. What he revealed on national television is that his drink has the same amount of caffeine than others, which is 200mg. On the same day he announced he is sponsoring Bayern Munich, Logan Paul wanted to do some damage control amid all the recent smearing against his business.

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Logan Paul hits back at PRIME critics

During a segment on Fox News, Logan Paul was asked what he thinks about the smearing against his energy drink. He said: "I'd say that's preposterous. One is in a can and it says 'energy drink' on it, the other is in a bottle and says 'Hydration drink' on it. One is 18+, the other is suitable for all ages and we believe we've done as good of a job as we can differentiating the products. Our energy product says 18+ on the label, it's also marketed 18+ on every single social media we do from the PRIME page... it does have 200mg of caffeine but that's nothing revolutionary or out of the ordinary."

Logan Paul also added the comparisons with some visual representation and called out the competitor brands. He added: "PRIME's caffeine is the same as Gatorade's FastSwitch, it's the same amount as Celsius and it's 100mg less than Bang Energy. What we're doing is comparable to every other competitor in the market. If we think caffeine is as unsafe as people are saying, about like caffeine's in your teeth, in your soda, it's in your chocolate. But if we think it's really as unsafe as some of these politicians are saying and people like Chuck Schumer really cared, then why aren't we controlling this at the point of purchase?"

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