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Stetson Bennett sacked twice in a row to cap off bittersweet NFL preseason debut

Stetson Bennett played well for the Los Angeles Rams in his NFL preseason debut, which culminated with back-to-back sacks and a loss to crosstown rivals Chargers, a bittersweet ending to what had been, up to that instance, a solid performance.

Bennett, 25, threw for 191 yards and a touchdown on 17-for-29 completed passes, not bad for his first game as a professional.

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Rams head coach Sean McVay is the perfect mentor for Bennett, who won two consecutive national championships in 2021 and 2022 while playing at Georgia.

Matthew Stafford is clearly the starting option for McVay's squad heading into the season, but Bennett will be a perfect backup for the Rams if needed.

Brett Rypien, the third-string QB, threw for 11 yards on just 3-for-6 completions. Bennett played most of the game.

Stetson Bennett's 'welcome to the NFL' moment

Rams were already down 34-17 with less than two minutes left to play in the final frame when Bennett received his "welcome to the NFL" moment.

He was sacked on back-to-back plays to bring up a fourth down punt. Bennett simply took too long to pass the ball.

Those kinks will be fixed down the road, especially with McVay and Stafford coaching him over the new few years.

Rams have two remaining preseason games, so it'll be interesting to see if McVay wants to further evaluate Bennett.

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