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The countdown for Mbappe and the litmus test for his image in France

Kylian Mbappe is for sale. PSG were already listening to offers and, in fact, Saudi Arabia presented one for 300 million euros, but legally there remained the option for the player to renew his contract until Monday night.

It was not expected that he would do so, and he didn't. As such, the Mbappe case enters the decisive month, with the two positions very clear.

On one side, the player has no intention of leaving right now, or so it seems given that he has not agreed to sit down to negotiate with the club since he sent the famous letter last June.

On the other side is PSG, who do not want him to continue this season and hope to transfer him now, rather than let him leave for free next summer, even though they know it is out of their hands.

Al-Khelaïfi talks about Mbappe's new contract: "it is impossible for him to go free"Marca English

It is also a key month because there will be important dates to gauge how far PSG are capable of going in their firm stance to force the departure of their star player.

Above all, August 12 stands out, as that is the team's Ligue 1 opener against Lorient at the Parc des Princes.

If Mbappe has already missed out on the tour of Japan, it would be normal for the club to keep him on the sidelines along with the rest of the transferable players while the market is open, because the regulations allow them to do so.

But, before that date, the team will have landed from their tour and in that week before the league opener we will have to see the management of Luis Enrique.

Real Madrid will go all the way, PSG say

PSG say they have no news from Real Madrid and suspect that if an offer arrives it will be at a low price and almost at the end of the market, as MARCA has reported.

They already consider the player lost, either this summer or next, and they are working on a project without him.

They are also convinced that he has an agreement with Real Madrid so he will reject all the proposals that come to him in this month of August.

The price for Mbappe

Mbappe will also be able to gauge in this month of August how his strategy is viewed by the fans, both at his club and in his country in general.

Last week he went out at the end of every training session to sign autographs for fans, something he doesn't usually do throughout the season.

Seeing himself in the stands in the first official match or even playing and hearing the reaction from the ultras, known for their harsh criticism of their players and the club itself, is a much riskier test.

Mbappe knows that in 2024 there is the Euros and an Olympic Games in Paris that he dreams of playing in. If he is on the bench at PSG for a whole season, there could be issues.

L'Observatoire du Sport Business is one of the most important sports marketing and business consultancies in France. Its founder is Vincent Chaudel, who has analysed for Le Figaro newspaper the cost that his war with PSG could have for Mbappe's image.

"The one who has the most to lose in terms of image is Kylian Mbappe," Chaudel said.

"Until now, in France, he has been the ideal son-in-law. This episode could hurt him.

"We know that, and this is nothing new, PSG has a contrasting and divided national image.

"This soap opera reinforces the convictions of the anti-PSG camp, but also those of the pro-PSG camp, because one notion dominates: the club ultimately wants to be stronger than its players.

"They forget one important thing. For the Emir of Qatar, and in the Gulf States, the notion of pride is very important. And they feel betrayed."

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