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Alexander Mattison reveals he received racial abuse on social media after Minnesota Vikings defeat

Alexander Mattison has revealed that he was racially abused after struggling on Thursday in the Minnesota Vikings' 34-28 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Vikings running back provided a glimpse into his Instagram direct messages. During the game, Mattison managed to gain 28 yards on eight carries, along with 11 receiving yards from three catches, but he also had a fumble.

Regrettably, the comments in his DMs were filled with racist language and disturbing suggestions, including ones urging him to kill himself.

"Hey ni**er do you know how to hold onto a gun and pull the trigger I mean give it a try cause you clearly can't hold on to a football which is you're [sic] PROFESSIONAL CARRER [sic] so try something new please," a user wrote.

Mattison stressed that "this is not ok" and then shared the second message, one which was even more shockingly explicit.

"You stupid f**king c**n, learn how to hold onto the ball," it read.

"You get paid millions and can't do s**t. This team is 2-0 with Dalvin Cook. Move your black ass back to Boise and start selling cars or some s**t you slow, useless n***er. If you decide that's not for you, kill yourself. God knows yo black ass dumber than s**t so you can't do anything with common knowledge."

Mattison's message

Frustrated by the messages he received, Mattison advised the people who abused him on social media to first think before writing something.

"Y'all can come at me all you want about fantasy and 'you suck' blah blah blah," Mattison wrote.

"I really could care less. But this sh**t is unacceptable. SMFH I hope the 60+ people who decided to come at with disgustingly disrespectful messages tonight in DM's and comments really reflect on WTF you say and how it could truly affect someone.

"Under my helmet, I am a human.. a father.. a son. This is sick. SMH."

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