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Jake Paul poses as hilarious Logan Paul sparring coach for Dillon Danis' fight: 'Punch him in the d**k!'

Even though he is now a semi-pro boxer, Jake Paul is still a content creator at heart and he still keeps those comedy chops intact for when the occasion requires it. Leading up to his brother Logan Paul's grudge match against Dillon Danis, Jake uploaded a small video in which he pretends to be his coach during a sparring session. The video does kind of show how cathartic this entire fight promotion has been for the two brothers. It goes to show that no matter how much they can disagree on some aspects of their relationship, Jake Paul will always have Logan Paul's back no matter what. At the end of the day, these two brothers are taking the world of sports entertainment by storm. Jake was both channeling his comedic side and airing out everything he feels against Dillon Danis.

Jake Paul "coaches' brother Logan Paul during a sparring sessionTwitter @jakepaul

In a much larger video, Jake Paul gets a lot goofier and even claps with his cheeks at a certain point. A hidden talent we didn't know he had and displayed for the world to see. But all jokes aside, this video is a great reminder that Jake will stand by his brother's corner no matter what because he wants them both to succeed. No matter how hated Logan Paul can be by a large majority of people, Jake will stick by him. And yes, Logan Paul is one of the most hated internet personalities out there. People actually tune into these fights because they all want to see a Paul brother getting knocked out, that's the reality of these fights. Although by the looks of it, these brothers might be the ones who will get the last laugh.

Is Nina Agdal Logan Paul's biggest weak spot?

After weeks of ducking the servers, Dillon Danis finally got a restraining order from Nina Agdal but that hasn't stopped him from posting NSFW and compromising pictures of Logan Paul's fiancé. In a recent 'Impaulsive' episode, Jake Paul did mention that Nina Agdal is Logan Paul's biggest weak spot and Dillon Danis is exploiting it as much as possible. This will likely go on until the day of the fight on October 14, regardless of how many lawsuits Danis gets from Nina. Make no mistake, Dillon Danis may be a good internet troll but slut shaming his opponent's fiancé is definitely not a good look. He already got sued over it.

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