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Jermell Charlo has been way more relaxed without 'rowdy-ass brother' Jermall around

Those who may be not aware, Jermell Charlo has a twin brother who is just as talented as a boxer but is currently struggling with personal issues. His name is Jermall Charlo. Initially, he was approached first by Canelo Alavarez's camp for a mega fight but they couldn't reach an agreement. Jermell was the one who took Canelo up on his offer and we are only a day away from this bout in Las Vegas. During preparations for any fight, the Charlo brothers usually keep each other's company in the camp but not this time. Jermell wasn't accompanied by his twin brother and this made the training strangely different for him. Coincidentally, it also made the camp way more relaxed, which can sometimes be a double edged sword.

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Jermell Charlo explains how his brother motivates him

As a way to explain the manner in which twin brothers share that unique connection, Jermell spoke to reporters about the training camp he wen't through without his brother. Jermall is still expected to be by Jermell's side when he fight Canelo on Saturday but he was nowhere to be seen during the training camp. Also, combat sports athletes tend to realize that having a relaxing camp can sometimes be detrimental to their fight. Could this happen to Jermell Charlo? this is what he told reporters: "This is the same mindset I always have. They say I'm calm, cool and collected, but I'm really fired up. I don't know why they [say that]. You know, I guess I can say not having my rowdy-ass brother around me every [day] - my brother ain't been in camp."

Twin Charlo continued: "Ain't seen him, talked to him, nothing, throughout this whole camp. I think that might've, you know, slowed me down as far as how rational I can be. You know, when he getting ready for a fight, I'm loud and obnoxious and energy, intoxicated, whatever we wanna call it, and having a good time waiting on him to fight. And I feel like at this moment, it's my turn. Just don't got that noise in my head. I did, maybe a little bit. It ain't affecting me. I still got a good team. I still got my friends, people I grew up with and all of this. You know, like I don't think - I have no excuses. You know, and my brother's getting his life together and whatever he gotta do to be the best in boxing. So, I'm my brother's keeper always."

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