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Mahomes and Kelce's photos from their first year with the Chiefs leave fans crazy: "Travis has definitely gone Hollywood"

The Kansas City Chiefs decided to bless fans on the brink of Week 1 of the NFL regular season by posting hilarious throwback photos of three of their stars.

Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and long snapper James Winchester were featured in the team's social media slideshow that sent fans down a memory lane on Sunday.


The Chiefs' social media team decided to have some fun with some players this weekend ahead of Kickoff week in the NFL.

On their social media channels, the current Super Bowl Champions posted three sets of photos comparing players from the team pictures taken in their first year to now.

Patrick Mahomes, who is entering his 7th season in Kansas City, is showing off his signature smile in both photos, but in year one he notably has fewer expression marks on his face. The Chief's captured his photos on X with "2 SB wins and 2 MVPs later" showing off his most prestigious accolades to date.

The second player to be featured was fan-favorite Travis Kelce. The tight end made the biggest glow-up since joining the league in 2013.

For his most recent team photo, Kelce is seen sporting a huge grin showing he is enjoying his prime in the NFL. His set of photos was aptly captured with "Time flies when you're having fun!"

The last player to be featured was long snapper James Winchester. The former free-agent is entering his 9th season with the Chiefs and 11th overall in the NFL.

Winchester, who is 34 years old, had his photos captioned with "glowing up & glowing up" poking fun at how he has matured in his 30s as one of the veteran leaders in the team.

Fan reactions from Sunday's throwback

Apart from having a laugh seeing the players' physical evolution from when they were just starting their professional careers to now, fans took it a step further (as they were totally expected to do) and delivered some golden commentary.

For Winchester, a fan that goes by @gen_warren on X said of his team mugs "First one: "I wonder how long this will last." Second one: "I'm never leaving."

Mahomes' set of photos had fans praising the quarterback with goat emojis and commenting on how his smile is noticeably much bigger. One user even called him "my pookie bear".

Another one poked fun at Patrick's improved hairstyle by saying "He found a barber".

But it was Kelce who got the most comments from Chiefs fans who were replying to the team saying their star tight end looked like actor Chris Evans in his rookie year, to him aging like fine wine after becoming the best in the league in his position.

One user even said that Travis had "gone Hollywood" by his improved looks since joining the league.

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