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Oscar de la Hoya hits out with latest dig at Canelo Alvarez

The boxing world is longing for a fight between two big stars such as Canelo Alvarez and Terence Crawford, although it seems rather unlikely at this time.

For a fight like that to take place, Crawford would have to move up three weight classes, something that probably won't happen at this time.

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However, some experts are going out on a limb and predicting what would happen if that fight would take place. One of them is promoter Oscar de la Hoya.

Although the retired boxer was Canelo's promoter in the past, the Golden Boy boss doesn't think he would come out on top in a fight against Crawford.

Oscar de la Hoya's prediction for Canelo vs Crawford

"Terence Crawford will beat Canelo anytime, Terence Crawford is a master," De La Hoya told FightHub.

"He will make Canelo look like a child.

Questioned about the difference between the two, De la Hoya was blunt in his assessment.

"Talent, it's just talent alone," De La Hoya added.

"Crawford is a big guy. Crawford is taller than Canelo.

"Crawford can bulk up to Canelo's size, but the difference is going to be the talent, the feet, look at Canelo's footwork."

"He's walking on cement. Look at Crawford's footwork. He coordinates it with his upper body. His footwork is just incredible. He knows how to keep the distance. It'll be a no-brainer."

At the moment, that fight is just a pipe dream because the two have other plans at this time, and Canelo will defend his 168-pound titles against Jermell Charlo on September 30

As for Crawford, he is set to fight Spence in a rematch at the end of the year at 154 pounds.

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