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Aaron Rodgers offers surprising health update after surgery: 'We are way ahead of schedule'

The innovative Achilles tendon surgery Aaron Rodgers had is one of the main reasons he feels so confident he will manage to return to activity before the end of the current NFL season. He has been talking about this for months now and the latest update does seem too good to be true. However, advances in medical procedures in 2023 have made some important strides towards the peak of technology and science. Aaron Rodgers subjected himself to this procedure with the conviction he would make it back to practice sooner than any other athlete who suffered an Achilles tendon tear in history. His plan is to beat other legends like Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, or Klay Thompson's recovery process.

Give me your doubts...then watch what I do" - Aaron Rodgers pledges to return to NFL after injuryPat McAfee Show

Rodgers surprised everybody with his admission during another episode of the Pat McAfee show. He said: "Another marker's going to be jogging. And then another marker is going to be going through a pregame workout probably and get on the practice field. All these are going to take time. It's not just going to be: boom, boom, boom, boom. ... These are all progressions that take time. But obviously, we're ahead of schedule. I asked [ElAttrache] if we could push it beyond the normal protocols. Cam Akers had the same surgery, he was able to come back in about five months. ... I just wanted to do things quicker - smart, but quicker. The most important thing is you just don't want to stress the Achilles."

Could Aaron Rodgers defeat all his critics?

What Aaron Rodgers is trying to do won't be proven until he actually gets back into the training field with the New York Jets. No other athlete in history has ever returned from a complete Achilles tendon tear completely recovered in less than 8 months. In most cases, they take more than a full year to return and some cases even took two years. Many have returned completely healed and managed to continue their careers without a problem. But those who rush the recovery process are the ones that tend to end their careers with irreparable damage. Hopefully, all of this talk about being ahead of schedule is not on Aaron Rodgers' imagination.

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