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Aaron Rodgers thinks power of intention will heal him back into playing this season

Watching Aaron Rodgers atalk about how quickly be believes he is going to feel may remind some people in Mexico of the time Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez told a journalist the famous 'imaginemos cosas chingonas' phrase. This essentially means we should imagine rad stuff and that will make them easier to become a reality. Aaron Rodgers s on similar vibes to what 'Chicharito' was on back then. People will give him a hard time for thinking this way but the man doesn't care. He is already in the twilight of his career and literally has nothing to lose. The interesting part is how he is going about healing himself from the career-threatening Achilles tendon tear. In the meantime, Aaron Rodgers is already traveling with the New York Jets.

Give me your doubts...then watch what I do" - Aaron Rodgers pledges to return to NFL after injuryPat McAfee Show

What Aaron Rodgers says about his recovery can be better perceived is when he talks to journalists or programs he trusts. He's quickly becoming one of Pat McAfee's favorite guests and this week was no exception. During the conversation, Rodgers challenged medical science by saying this: "There's nothing normal about how I'm attacking this rehab.There is common practices about six weeks in a boot, and I was in a shoe in like 13 days. "This is just my mindset. I believe in the power of intention. I believe in prayer. I believe in mental status and power of will. I believe in making room for the miraculous to happen...Sometime miracles are just doing things that no one thought was possible."

Can Aaron Rodgers play before the end of this season?

Medicine has advanced drastically over the last couple of years, there are many novel procedures with new technology that help people's injuries heal much faster than before. Some folks use the famous stem cells procedure while others have other types of methods to heal. Unfortunately, the process to heal a completely torn Achilles tendon remains one of the longest and most painful of the bunch. Aaron Rodgers thinks he can heal out of pure will power and we would all like to see him do that. If for some miraculous reason he does, we are talking about the very first person in modern history who has managed to break the matrix. Is Aaron Rodgers that guy?

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