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Dak Prescott gets called out for 'awful' performance by Donte Whitner: "He sucks, he's a..."

Dak Prescott has come under a barrage of criticism for his overwhelmingly poor performance against the Dallas Cowboys. The quarterback had three passes intercepted in what could have been his worst performance in a Cowboys jersey.

The player spoke candidly after the game, recognizing that it wasn't his day. "This was maybe the most humbling game I've ever been a part of," he said- a message that was also reiterated by the team's head coach Mike McCarthy, who described it as a "punch in the gut".

Prescott has since been called out by both fans and pundits for his poor showing. Donte Whitner was particularly critical- he didn't hold back as he ripped into Prescott's performance.

"Dack Prescott sucks"

"Dack Prescott sucks... period," began Whitner during a live TV broadcast after the game. "We've talked so much about Dak Prescott being a top tier quarterback...I don't see it. I see them trying to cover up for what he lacks: a lot of quick throws, cutting half of the field off and giving him easy throws.

"Other that he's not a quarterback that can drop off and really take advantage of a defense and carve it up". And today we've seen that. The 49ers defense makes him look like a tier four quarterback," concluded Whitner.

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