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Evander Holyfield knows who would win between Mike Tyson and James Toney

Boxing legend Evander Holyfield was one of the few fighters who managed to get the best out of Mike Tyson, who is considered the scariest heavyweight of all-time. Even though James Toney was active at around the same time Mike Tyson was, they were not in the same category as Toney was between Middleweight, Super Middleweight and Cruiserweight. But he was just a bit less heavy than Mike despite having a sturdy body that made him seem like a light heavyweight. When they were both in their prime, there was no doubt each of them dominated their own categories. But we've all been asking ourselves the same question. What would've happened if James Toney fought Mike Tyson?

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Evander Holyfield fought both Mike Tyson and James Toney

The possible best way to answer this question is to go directly to another boxing legend who fought both. That man is none other than Holyfield, who also fluctuated between Cruiserweight and then became a proper Heavyweight. Toney actually defeated Holyfield in 2003 by TKO but he never got to fight against Tyson. When asked who would win between the two, here's what Holyfield said: "Of course, Mike would have killed him! When Mike realises he can hit you, he's going to get you out of there. When he hit me, I knew he had that power on the punch. Mike will clean you up."

Naturally, Evander Holyfield is talking about the best Mike Tyson fighting against the James Toney that knocked him out in 2003. If those two would've fought, Holyfield is convinced who would be the who with the victory. Despite being considered some of the greatest fighters from their generations, both Toney and Tyson were believed to have never reached their true potential. While Toney could've definitely made more history than he did. Mike Tyson reached a level that could've made him part of the conversation of the greatest Heavyweights of all time.

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