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Fans outraged over embarrassing Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis fight and demand refund

On Saturday night, Logan Paul defeated Dillon Danis by disqualification in a six-round boxing match on October 14, 2023, in Manchester, England, which caused great controversy.

Paul dominated the fight from the start, landing numerous punches and combinations.

Danis was largely ineffective, and he failed to land any significant punches.

In the sixth and final round, Danis attempted to choke Paul out after the final bell had rung.

Logan Paul calls Dillon Danis 'a predator', says he's going to lose lots of money amid lawsuit

Paul escaped the chokehold, and Danis was disqualified, but there was drama as people piled into the ring to separate the two fighters.

"Dillon Danis truly is a coward," Paul said after the fight."

Just a dirty, dirty human being. This camp was so hard.

"Dealing with a guy like that was not easy. He's a true demon, a true coward."

Reaction to Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis

Users and fans across the world reacted with anger and laughter at the scenes.

"The only lawsuit that should be happening is us suing Logan Paul and Dillon Danis for that terrible fight," one user posted on X.

Fans were angry that they had spent so much on watching the fight which ended with scenes which they didn't believe justified a professional boxing match.

"I still can't believe Logan Paul and Dillon Danis convinced thousands of people to pay $60 to watch them fight like this while Oregon and Washington are playing on ABC," another fan commented.

Excitement ahead of the fight

The fight was a highly anticipated event, as it was a matchup between two of the most popular social media personalities in the world.

Paul is a YouTuber and boxer, while Danis is a mixed martial artist and Jiu-Jitsu black belt.

Some people believe that Danis should have been disqualified for his attempt to choke Paul out after the bell, while others believe that he was simply trying to defend himself.

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