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Is Taylor Swift to blame for Patrick Mahomes' struggles against the Jets?

The New York Jets' matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night not only saw a rollercoaster of a game but also fueled discussions about a so-called "Taylor Swift Curse" and its possible influence on Patrick Mahomes' performance.

Leading up to the game, media coverage buzzed with images of pop sensation Taylor Swift, surrounded by celebrity friends, including Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Hugh Jackman, and Sophie Turner, cheering for her rumored boyfriend, Chiefs' tight end Travis Kelce.

Did Taylor Swift's presence put Chiefs' offense under pressure?

As the first quarter unfolded with the Chiefs taking a 17-0 lead, it appeared that Mahomes and his team were headed for a dominant victory.

However, the game took a turn in the second quarter when Mahomes threw not one, but two interceptions.

Fans took to social media, suggesting that Mahomes may have struggled due to the pressure of performing in front of Taylor Swift.

One fan who was watching the game at home wrote on X after his second interception that it seemed like the quarterback was facing "Too much pressure to make Travis look good for Taylor". Another fan echoed the sentiment saying Mahomes"can't handle playing in front of Taylor..."

Some even believed that the Chiefs' strategy of targeting Kelce may have been too obvious, allowing the Jets' defense to thwart their attempts.

One fan said, "Trying to force the ball to Kelce due to the expectations is not working lol...whole stadium and the country knows Kelce is gonna be targeted, why would the defense not?"

Chiefs stay winning despite Mahomes' mediocre night

Despite Mahomes' struggles, he managed to lead the Chiefs to a close 23-20 victory, maintaining their position at the top of the AFC West.

The quarterback's performance stats were far from his best, with a season-low completion rate of 60%, 203 passing yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions, resulting in a passer rating of 63.6.

This underwhelming performance raised questions about whether the "Taylor Swift Curse" had any bearing on Mahomes and the Chiefs' performance during the game.

The Chiefs' next challenge will be an away game against the Minnesota Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium, where fans and analysts alike will be watching closely to see if Mahomes can bounce back from this unusual performance as Swift is not expected to make the trip to Minneapolis.

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