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Mike Tyson appears to mock John Fury after being challenged on stage to a fight

The main press conference between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou had John Fury taking over the show as he challenged Mike Tyson to a boxing match. We get that the eldest of the Fury clan thinks he can truly fight anybody but challenging Tyson Fury is like parading right in front of a lion. It doesn't matter if the lion is old, it's still a lion. That's what John Fury doesn't get but he may understand it a little bit because he wasn't nearly as agressive as he tends to be when he challenges people to fight. Tyson always kept his cool, he always smiled and even seemed amused by the spectacle. At a certain moment, 'Iron Mike' seemed asa amused as a king laughs when a court buffoon.

John Fury challenges Mike Tyson to a fight if his son loses the fight

Even Tyson Fury was amused by his father's antics, nobody seemed to be taking him seriously. But that has never mattered to John Fury, he always sticks to his act and even takes off his shirt to show his physique. Before that image was recorded inside our heads, John Fury attempted to taunt the lion that is Mike Tyson. He said: "Listen, let me tell you this much. I respect Mike Tyson. I named my son after him. But I'm a fighting man. I've got a warrior's heart. I'm in Saudi. Bring it on! Do you want to fight me? I can fight you right now." But Mike only played along with him without getting too much into it. There is no need for him to play games because an angry Mike Tyson has proven that never ends well for the other guy.

Both Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou just sat back and enjoyed the show

As John Fury stole the show in Riyadh, Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou quickly realized they didn't need to do much in order to sell the fight. John Fury and Mike Tyson took care of that. The legendary Heavyweight always tried to keep the conversation about Francis Ngannou and seemed gracious in his exchanges with John Fury. It was clear he isn't taking John Fury seriously with his challenges. Truth of the matter is, probably even Tyson Fury himself thinks Mike Tyson would send his father to the ICU if they fought. But that hurts John's feelings because he truly believes he can take on 'Iron Mike'.

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