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Patrick Mahomes' controversial slide against the Jets costs bettors millions in Losses

Sunday Night Football had the New York Jets hosting the Kansas City Chiefs and heading to the end of the game, Patrick Mahomes opted to slide to the sidelines to protect their win, this resulted in a controversial situation since the Chiefs came in as heavy favorites in Las Vegas, by 9.5 points. On Sunday, the lead closed at 8 points.

Mahomes' legitimate sweep, costing bettors millions

In the first quarter, the Chiefs ran away with the game to take a 17-0 lead, but thanks to the visitors' mistakes, the Jets woke up and by the third quarter managed to tie the score at 20 points and gave up several opportunities to take the lead.

In the end, Mahomes put together an offensive drive that ended up becoming the definitive difference with a field goal and then commanded another in the last minutes of the game to secure the clock and protect the win to finish it 23-20.

Inside the two-minute break, Mahomes found a hole and carried the ball into the Jets' end zone, but instead of going in to extend the lead, he decided to slide down the field inside the five-yard line and secure the game by consuming the final seconds with a 'victory formation'.

This decision by Mahomes is completely valid and even smart, as it eliminated the risk of injury to his defensive teammates. But his decision also cost tens of millions of dollars at the bookmakers.

The odds seemed logical and one hour before the game started, 91% of the bets and 84% of the money wagered were on the Chiefs' point line. Therefore, the touchdown that Patrick Mahomes preferred not to score, with his extra point, would have covered the 8-point line and, however, since he didn't score, the difference in the game was 3 points so the spread was not covered and the bettors lost their money.

Some bookmakers reported that the line movement dropped slightly after bettors made investments of $350,000 and $240,556 in favor of the Jets to even the scales a bit, but bettors clearly went for the wide line in favor of the Chiefs.

In addition, prime-time games like this one attract additional betting volume and this also represented an increase in parlays, which also included the outcome of Sunday Night Football, to win a parlay, you have to hit on all the bets on the stub in exchange for a higher prize than in a single bet.

In fact, an expert analyst of one of the Las Vegas bookmakers points out that in case Mahomes had scored at the end of the game, bettors would have had the best Sunday of the season so far.

In fact, at one of the casinos, the supervisor claimed that once Mahomes took a knee, he drove bettors crazy, who saw their money disappear "I sent all the workers home early," the supervisor joked, "because, with the outcome, there were no [Jets] tickets to cash in."

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