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Two Swedes murdered in Brussels ahead of Belgium-Sweden game

On Monday night, at 19:15 local time, a shooting was reported in Ieperlaan, Brussels in which two Swedish nationals were killed.

This is according to Belgian sources such as 'SudPress', 'HLN' or 'Het Nieuwsblad'. At the same time, according to 'HLN', the victims were both wearing Swedish football shirts.

Tragic attack in Brussels before Belgium-Sweden match

Tragic attack in Brussels claims lives of two swedes before Belgium-Sweden matchRoberto Ortega

The attack took place in the build-up to the Belgium-Sweden Euro 2024 qualifier in the central European capital on Monday night.

The perpetrator of the attack escaped and has not yet been captured, although he has since released a video online claiming responsibility.

"The circumstances of the shooting are still unclear," Belgian media reports, but the fear is that this is likely a terrorist incident.

As 'Het Nieuwsblad' reports, the suspect shared a video on Facebook in which he said in Arabic that he had killed "three infidels". At the moment there are two dead and a third victim who is injured. If he is ever to be tried, the terrorist adds, "it will be God's decision".

Image of the alleged attacker from a Facebook video

Image of the alleged attacker from a Facebook video

Footage taken by a local resident shows how a man in a fluorescent orange jacket and a white helmet with a gun in his hand gets on a scooter and rides away.

"This man is said to have first shot someone in a lobby and then two people who were in a taxi," Belgian media reports.

Belgium - Sweden match went ahead

The aforementioned match between Belgium and Sweden kicked off with a minute's silence beforehand, as scheduled before the attack as a result of the ongoing conflict in Israel/Palestine.

Emergency meeting

Meanwhile, in Belgium, security services and members of the federal government, among others, are currently meeting in the crisis center following the shooting in the center of Brussels.

The public prosecutor's office is investigating the terrorist motivation of the attack.

"All partners have indeed been summoned," confirms Laura Demullier, spokesperson for the crisis center. "Everyone is asked to come here as soon as possible to discuss together whether any measures need to be taken".

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo calls on the people of Brussels to "be vigilant".

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