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Aaron Rodgers reportedly inspired Buffalo Bills' safety to try ayahuasca

At this point, New York Jets' quarterback Aaron Rodgers has to be considered a pioneer when it comes to discussing psychedelic substances amongst athletes in an open manner. Over the last couple of years, the QB has never denied he has benefited from doing ayahuasca trips. We are talking about one of the most potent psychedelic substances known to humans. From a medicinal standpoint, psychedelic substances are currently being used in a controlled and legal manner to treat different types of mental health issues. One of the most common is alcoholism, which has become one of the more predominant diseases in modern society and it has claimed millions of lives throughout the years.

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Aaron Rodgers helps Bills safety Jordan Poyer

Buffalo Bills' safety Jordan Poyer is one of those people who struggled with alcoholism and he revealed he was close to losing everything. As a last resort, he approached Aaron Rodgers and started asking him about the use of ayahuasca for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. Since then, Poyer confirmed the treatment worked and he wanted to give Aaron Rodgers his flowers. He spoke on The Ones podcast about the experience: "I know a lot of people are probably like, 'Oh, Aaron Rodgers, it's crazy, whatever. There are thousands of ways to heal, but Aaron Rodgers - he was right in what he was talking about in this medicine. A lot of people wrote him off, a lot of people think he's crazy, a lot of people think he's, you know, off the wire, whatever... I was interested."

Aaron Rodgers' history with psychedelics

It's not just ayahuasca, Aaron Rodgers has been a proponent of multiple psychedelic substances for a few years now. An NFL star who recently won the MVP and is still determined to return from a career-threatening Achilles tendon injury. Rodgers will keep on advocating for better studies on these substances in order to take out the stigma associated with them. Currently, ayahuasca contains a Schedule 1 controlled substance but it is not banned by the NFL. Whether you like Aaron Rodgers or not, he deserves recognition for helping Jordan Poyer emerge victorious from a disease as terrible as alcoholism.

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