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Josh Giddey officially under investigation by Newport Beach PD over viral scandal

Earlier on Tuesday, former NBA player Andrew Bogut spilled the tea on the Josh Giddey scandal with everything he has been told about the situation. He revealed that the allegedly underage girl, Livv Cook may have lied about her age when she went to a club in California. We had no idea which part of the state he was talking about but TMZ just reported it's Newport Beach. And if that wasn't enough, the Los Angeles-based media outlet also reported that the town's police department is opening an investigation on the case. Their aim is to see if any laws have been broken amid all the allegations circulating on social media. During the evening of last Wdnesday, videos and photos of Josh Giddey with a girl went viral.

The person who leaed these images made some serious claims that the young woman in question is named Livv Cook and she is 15 years old. In the videos, Josh Giddey does refer to this young woman as his girl and the person who leaked the content also leaked an incriminatory photo where a different girl appears. After that, social media trolls started doing what they always do and incriminated Josh Giddey and slut-shamed the girl. But most of the attacks were directed at the Australian Thunder player. On Friday, Giddey was cleared to play for the Oklahoma City Thunder against the Philadelphia 76ers. On the same day, the NBA confirmed they are also opening up an investigation into the allegations.

Is Josh Giddey's career in jeopardy?

The Newport Beach PD is opening an investigation into what actually happened between Josh Giddey and Livv Cook. If the girl did lie about her age and got into the club, this also makes the club directly responsible for allowing an underage girl into their premises. With the local authorities getting involved, they will likely ask for witness testimony and that's where things can get a lot more complicated for everyone involved. Bogut did mention the girl's parents were not interested in pressing charges but we will have to wait and see if they cooperate with the authorities. Josh Giddey's future is still very much in the air, especially with this latest development. For now, the young player is available tonoght for the Thunder's game against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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