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Jude Bellingham's viral social media trend that "proves he's already a legend"

Jude Bellingham has already become somewhat of an icon at Real Madrid. The English youngster, who was signed by 'Los Blancos' from Borussia in the summer, has made an extraordinary start in the Spanish capital. The midfielder has scored 13 goals in as many games and was awarded the Kopa Trophy for being the best player under 21 at the Ballon d'Or gala in Paris on Monday.

Social media has been hit with Bellingham fever, and a particular trend involving the player's goal celebration has become particularly popular. Despite his relatively short career, the midfielder's celebration has already become iconic. For those who haven't seen it, Jude lifts both hands in the air and beckons the crowd to cheer after making the net bulge.

The new trend has seen hundreds of hilarious clips of people and animals doing the brit's celebration in all sorts of random circumstances. The videos are accompanied by some Spanish commentary from one of the goals he scored this season. From sloths to parrots and even statues, these are some of the best Bellingham memes we've seen so far.

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