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Messi asks Beckham for another ex-Barcelona player in addition to Luis Suarez and Sergi Roberto

Leo Messi just won the 2023 Ballon d'Or and he is already looking  to make Inter Miami a team of his own as he has two of his former teammates in Miami, Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets.

Messi is looking for Luis Suarez and Ivan Rakitic

According to sources, Luis Suarez is also joining the team, but for Leo Messi, it is necessary to go even more, and has already asked for the arrival of the fifth member of the ex-Barça group.

According to El Gol Digital, Leo asked David Beckham to make possible the arrival of Ivan Rakitic and it seems that Inter Miami will not even have to pay for him, as everything points out that he will not renew his contract with Sevilla. The same media reports that the club wants to lower his salary by 85% of what he earns now.

Messi and Rakitic: Quality goals

There is a lot of noise about the kind of relationship they built in Barcelona, as the pressures they both experienced in their national teams caused a bit of friction. In an interview with El Desmarque, he made it clear. "Messi and Suarez have been my teammates for six years, and very important people. I respect them, although they are not my best friends," he said.

Together, they won several titles under Luis Enrique. Barcelona fans especially remember the good combinations between the two players that culminated in the 2015 Champions League. In addition, it was that same season when they completed the treble, with La Liga and Copa del Rey.

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