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Night club footage may prove Josh Giddey is not guilty of dating an underage girl

A small piece of night club footage may be the key that saves Josh Giddey's entire NBA career from the concerning allegations against him. On Friday evening, the NBA confirmed they are conducting an investigation into the serious allegations that Josh Giddey has a relationship with an underage girl. While more concerning clues have leaked online apart from the initial photos and videos, this new video offers a new light into what could potentially help the Australian players case. A video uploaded by a random Twitter user shows a moment of Josh Giddey with the girl that seems to be Livv Cook. There is only one problem though, Cook should not be there if she is supposed to be a minor. After this new piece of evidence, there are new questions that need to be made.

New footage inside a club may be a key to prove Josh Giddey is innocentTwitter

Main questions about the Josh Giddey alleged scandal

First of all, how did Livv Cook get into a club where only adults are allowed? Did Josh Giddey go into the club knowing he was in there with an alleged minor? Is this Livv Cook even a minor as the allegations suggest? If that is the case, did Livv Cook tell Josh Giddey her real age or did she lie about it even to him? For how long has Josh Giddey known this young woman? If we get around to answering these questions, we will have a less difficult time getting to the bottom of the truth. The NBa needs to look into these questions with objectivity and consider all the viable options in order to reach the trith. Because right now, Josh Giddey's career is in serious jeopardy.

If for some reason, Giddey had no idea that this girl was a minor, he may not be looking at a punishment as severe as he would have if he knowingly dated this young woman. There is always the possibility that Josh was tricked into thinking this girl was over 18, which is quite common amongst young people that age. But then again, NBA players should not be exposing themselves in such manner by dating young women who seem a little too young to begin with. What ever ends up happening when the investigations are over, someone will have to pay the price. It's also safe to note that this footage still proves nothing, only that this allegedly underage girl was inside a night club illegally.

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