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Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk set to battle for heavyweight supremacy in February

Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk are set to go head-to-head for the undisputed heavyweight championship in February 2024, and the bout promises to be a historic showdown in the world of boxing.

Sources have confirmed to Mike Coppinger of ESPN that the highly anticipated Fury-Usyk fight will take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, making this event one for the books.

Originally, this clash of the titans was scheduled for December 23, but Tyson Fury found himself in a much tougher fight than expected when he took on former UFC champion Francis Ngannou last Saturday in Riyadh.

Usyk was rooting for Fury in Ngannou fight

Despite eventually securing a split-decision victory over Ngannou, Fury had to overcome adversity during the bout.

He suffered a cut over the forehead and the left eye and was even dropped in the third round, marking the seventh knockdown of his illustrious career.

This unexpected struggle with Ngannou left many in the boxing world surprised and had fans on the edge of their seats, hinting at the potential for a massive upset.

However, for Oleksandr Usyk, it was a different story.

He held the WBA and WBO titles and was expected to face Fury in a battle to determine the undisputed heavyweight champion.

As he watched Fury's fight with Ngannou from ringside, he found himself rooting for his future rival.

In a recent interview with Secound Out, he recalled shouting words rooting for Fury, emphasizing the importance of both of them making it through their respective fights so they could finally meet in the ring.

"It was encouragement, 'Move! Jab, jab! Please!,'" Usyk said,

"It was all words of encouragement, especially looking forward to the next fight. I wanted him to get through it so we can finally have our own fight."

Fury-Usyk fight ready to go

The contract for the Fury-Usyk fight had been signed weeks before Tyson Fury's match with Ngannou, and Usyk wasted no time entering the ring after the decision was announced, immediately setting up their showdown.

The war of words had already begun, with Usyk proposing a fight on December 23, to which Fury responded, "Let's go now if you want."

Oleksandr Usyk, an Olympic gold medalist and former undisputed cruiserweight champion, has held the WBAWBO, and IBF heavyweight titles since his victories over Anthony Joshua in 2021 and the subsequent rematch.

Fury, the reigning WBC heavyweight champion, is no stranger to the heavyweight crown, having famously defeated Wladimir Klitschko in 2015 for three heavyweight titles in an upset victory.

This fight will not only be a battle for supremacy but a lucrative one as well, as the Fury-Usyk deal includes a two-way rematch clause, ensuring two high-stakes fights between these two heavyweights.

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