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Who is the two-time Super Bowl-winning coach that Raiders' Antonio Pierce turns to for advice?

Antonio Pierce, the new head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, is off to a strong start in his coaching career. Since taking over after Josh McDaniels was fired, Pierce has led the team to two consecutive victories. His biggest challenge yet awaits him this Sunday when the Raiders face the Miami Dolphins.

While Pierce is putting his own spin on coaching in order to secure the permanent job, he hasn't done it alone. According to a league source, he has been seeking guidance from his former head coach, Tom Coughlin.

Pierce's relationship with Coughlin dates back to his playing days. After going undrafted, Pierce signed with Washington in 2001 and later joined the New York Giants in 2005, where Coughlin was the head coach.

Pierce played a crucial role as a captain for the Giants' Super Bowl XLII-winning team before retiring in 2009. Now, as a rookie head coach, Pierce has turned to Coughlin for advice on navigating the challenges of leading a team.

Coughlin is known for his strict and disciplined approach to coaching. He is famous for starting meetings five minutes early, a practice known as "Coughlin Time." Pierce has sought Coughlin's guidance on how to structure his daily schedule as a head coach.

With Coughlin's impressive resume, including two Super Bowl victories and a potential future induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, it's no wonder that Pierce values his mentor's advice.

Pierce's style is the opposite to Coughlin's

What makes this coaching relationship unique is that Pierce's coaching style differs from Coughlin's. After the Raiders' Week 9 win against the Giants, the locker room was filled with celebration and relief, as the players felt liberated from the oppressive atmosphere created by McDaniels.

Pierce allowed the players to enjoy their victory by giving them a Victory Monday and a break until Wednesday. This change in approach has led to improved communication and a stronger sense of unity within the Raiders' locker room.

Pierce's next two games will be crucial for his future as head coach. The Raiders will face tough offensive opponents in the Dolphins and Chiefs before their Week 13 bye. How the team performs in these games against playoff-caliber opponents will determine Pierce's fate going forward.

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