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Deebo Samuel blasts Cam Newton and Micah Parsons for heavy criticism of Brock Purdy

Following a challenging 33-19 defeat against the Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers' wide receiver Deebo Samuel came out strongly in defense of his quarterback, Brock Purdy. Despite Purdy's four interceptions and an injury in the fourth quarter, Samuel was quick to confront the critics.

Brock Purdy, the NFC leader in passing yards and scores, has been a pivotal player for the 49ers, propelling them to a top playoff position. However, his performance against the Ravens, marked by multiple interceptions, sparked widespread criticism, particularly from notable figures like Cam Newton and linebacker Micah Parsons.

Deebo Samuel caught up in Twitter beef after 49ers first lossParker Johnson

Cam Newton, a former NFL MVP, had earlier downplayed Purdy's accomplishments, labeling him and Dallas Cowboys' Dak Prescott as mere "game managers." These comments resurfaced strongly after Purdy's recent game. Parsons, too, was outspoken in his critique, commenting during the game about the 49ers' strategy and Purdy's role in it.

Deebo fired back in defense of his QB

Responding to the criticism on the Up and Adams Show, Deebo Samuel didn't hold back. He directly addressed Newton, expressing disbelief at Newton's sudden change of attitude. "Cam Newton, stop texting my phone," Samuel stated. "You was a fan like two weeks ago, that's mad crazy. You wanted me on your podcast after talking about my QB, which is funny to me."

Samuel's defense didn't stop at Newton. He also addressed Parsons, reminding him of the 49ers' dominant victory over the Cowboys earlier in the season. "Bro, we beat you like 42 to whatever the score was... I don't know why he's so bothered by what we've got going on over here."

The 49ers' victory over the Cowboys, both in the regular season and in the previous playoffs, seemed to add weight to Samuel's argument. Parsons had suggested he could play quarterback for the 49ers, considering the team's strong support around Purdy, a claim Samuel shrugged off, advising Parsons to focus on his own team's recent struggles.

Looking ahead, the 49ers and Purdy face a challenge in recovering from this setback. Purdy's MVP odds have been affected, but the next game against the Commanders will be a chance for redemption. The team's dynamics and Purdy's response to the criticism will be crucial in their pursuit of playoff success.

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