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Deion Sanders blasts Cowboys after blowout loss to Bills: 'We don't like to be teased'

In a recent episode of the Nightcap show, Colorado head coach and NFL legend Deion Sanders expressed his frustration with the Dallas Cowboys' performance, particularly after their 31-10 defeat to the Buffalo Bills. "I just want them to continue to be consistent," Sanders remarked. His words echoed the sentiment of many fans when he said, "Don't fool me, man, don't tease me. We don't like to be fooled, we don't like to be teased. Don't take me all the way to the altar and then you gonna dip on me. Don't do that."

Since their last Super Bowl victory in 1995, the Cowboys have shown a pattern of raising hopes only to disappoint. Despite achieving 13 winning seasons, clinching eight NFC East titles, and making 12 playoff appearances since then, their postseason success has been limited. With just five playoff wins and no progress past the divisional round, the team's record has been a mix of high regular-season achievements and postseason letdowns.

Particularly striking is their record in seasons where they won 12 or more regular-season games. Out of these, they have only managed to secure two wins in the playoffs. This trend of underperformance in crucial games has left many questioning the team's ability to capitalize on their regular-season success.

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The Cowboys aren't legitimate contenders just yet

Currently, the Cowboys' performance this season seems to be following a familiar pattern. Their record against teams with winning records stands at a disappointing 1-3, and their struggles on the road, with a 3-4 record, are apparent. The recent loss to the Bills not only highlighted these issues but also allowed the Philadelphia Eagles to regain the top spot in the NFC East. The Eagles' remaining schedule, featuring games against the Seattle Seahawks, New York Giants (twice), and Arizona Cardinals, puts them in a favorable position to clinch the division.

In contrast, Dallas faces a challenging path ahead with games against the Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, and Washington Commanders. Given their road performance this season, the likelihood of having to play every postseason game away from home looms large - a scenario that doesn't bode well for the team.

As the season progresses, the possibility of the Cowboys repeating their pattern of being a regular-season powerhouse that falters in the playoffs seems increasingly likely. For fans and commentators like Sanders, the prospect of another season ending in disappointment is a familiar and unwelcome tease.

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