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Deion Sanders reveals the state of his son Shedeur's health: He took a tremendous beating

Shedeur Sanders will be back in Spring 2024 according to the Colorado Buffaloes' coach, Deion Sanders, after the quarterback had his season ended via a back injury.

Prior to becoming stricken and sidelined, Sanders had a completion rate of 69.3%, throwing for 3230 yards and 27 touchdowns whilst the 21-year-old allowed just three interceptions and was sacked 52 times in 11 NCAA games in the Pac-12.

Shedeur Sanders shocks Deion by rejecting his business offerParker Johnson

Then he sustained a fractured back that saw him skip the final game of the campaign due to the rough treatment of being sacked 4.72 times per game but via a Zoom call, Coach Prime, who is the father of the youngster, confirmed he will be back.

"Oh yeah, most definitely. He will be [back for Spring Practice]," Sanders said to Associated Press. "He just needs some rest and to heal up a little bit because he took a tremendous beating.

"And that provoked some things in me to do some things differently because the beating that he took - sometimes people forgot that I'm not only his coach, but that's my son - so I understand that's not how this is supposed to go.

"We've played youth league, high school and at an HBCU and we've never been beaten up like this," Sanders added. "So, something had to change in that aspect."

Sanders boosts the team around his son

The Buffaloes began the season very brightly, winning their opening three games and holding a record of 4-2 on October 7 following a 27-24 victory over the Arizona State Sun Devils, but the dream of the end-of-season NCAA game turned into ash as they followed that win up with five straight losses to finish the campaign with a 4-8 record.

Part of the reason was the offense, which failed to score twenty or more points (equivalent to three touchdowns and two extras) on four occasions which is something Sanders has immediately aimed to improve for the upcoming season, exciting his son.

"He's elated," Coach Sanders added. "But more so than anything, he's thinking football, he's thinking, OK, now we have more balance.

"Now we get to display a running game. You got eight men in the box trying to stop the run. Now you got 1-on-1s on the outside.

"Not only did we upgrade the line, I don't know if you've seen the receivers. These are starters that we're bringing in here, so everything has gone tremendously to another level."

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