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Lionel Messi doesn't discard playing the 2026 World Cup: 'I want to be here more than ever'

By the time the 2026 World Cup happens in Canada, Mexico and the United States,Lionel Messi will turn 39 years old. In any other footballer's lifespan as a professional, they mostly tend to retire at 35 or 36 years old. Some even retire much earlier than that, but Messi was so thirsty for this success that he truly feels like this is a dream and he doesn't want to wake up from it. 

Now that the majority of people in Argentina love him after winning the trophy, all he cares about is staying active until he truly can't keep playing anymore. Next summer's Copa America in the United States is as far as Messi can see right now, he is getting ready to defend the title his side won in 2021. Leo will turn 37 when that happens but a recent interview gave Argentineans hope that they might have him in the next World Cup as well.

Messi flirts with the idea of playing the 2026 World Cup

It is only natural that every single Argentine journalist tries to convince Leo Messi that playing the 2026 World Cup is in his best interest. Messi just gave an interview to ESPN Argentina, where he discussed his present with the national team and the uncertain future. Although he did leave the door open for a potential World Cup participation, it will all depend on one specific thing. As long as he stays healthy and the group is still hungry for more trophies, Messi will keep representing his country. The upcoming Copa America will be a perfect way for him to measure whether this group is still willing to keep going to war with him and leave it all in the battlefield.

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