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Jude Bellingham, the complete Galactico

"Am I a galactico? Not a chance," says Jude Bellingham, determined to keep his feet on the ground but despite the humble tone, he certainly invokes memories of iconic "Los Blancos" players of days gone by.

The respect he shows for his profession, for his teammates and for everything that surrounds Real Madrid are lessons that should be taught in all soccer schools. His numbers are difficult to explain, he has been able to 'fulminate' the dictionary to describe his performances and there is only room to continue building a path of glory with naturalness and an overwhelming personality.

On the field he is a real beast without control that does not leave a single centimeter of the pitch untouched. Away from the pitch he has unusual behavior for someone of his age (20 years old) when it comes to looking after the fans, understanding the media and transmitting certain values that have led him to become the idol of madridismo.

Bellingham has a particular style and essence, but he has been able to gather and unify all the fruits that made several legends of Los Blancos unique. The result, which seemed like an impossible mission, has transformed the 5 into the most similar version of a 'total Galactico'.

He speaks English, German and is starting to learn Spanish because, as he explained on his first day in white, on all trips, whether long or short, one begins to load his suitcase with enriching cultural experiences for the development of his skills.

"I think it's important to get to know a new culture and soak it in," Bellingham said previously. "I'd like to enjoy life as much as I enjoy training."

His last gesture at the Santigo Bernabéu after Joselu's goal is the perfect example of him being a leader in his maturity. He perfectly dominates everything that is emotional and is able to control all the details surrounding the team.

The quality of Zinedine Zidane

Perhaps nothing in soccer is a coincidence. In the midst of a tornado of messages comparing Jude Bellingham to Zinedine Zidane. The English midfielder even wears replicas of the Adidas Predator model with which his idol scored his legendary volley in the Glasgow final in 2002.

Bellingham isn't intimidated by the number five, as he asked for the ball on the day of his presentation, and it took him just a few months to prove that he is the most similar version of the former French soccer star.

Donning black boots with red and white Adidas stripes, he brings out a unique elegance in each of his strides. With the goal (15) against Napoli, Jude has already scored three more goals than "Zizou" in his most prolific seasons at Madrid: 12 in 2001-02 and 2002-03.

"The truth is that Bellingham surprises every day," Zidane, who was in the stands watching the clash, posted online. "Every match. Not only to us, but to everyone. Bellingham is a gift for soccer."

It's a high praise to be likened to a midfielder of that quality.

R9 and CR7's goals

There are players who, from the moment they donned white for the first time, fell into the Santiago Bernabeu crowd's good graces. There were nights when Ronaldo Nazario and Cristiano Ronaldo were capable of making anything possible.

The goal had a name and a flag... and on it appeared the faces of two legends of the white club. One was a Galactico and the other 'simply' the best player in the history of the club. The fans identified with their two heroes and the stadium fell over themselves to praise their figures (sometimes they chanted their names... and other times they only emitted a sound: "Siiiiuiuuuuu").

Now, the soundtrack that accompanies every night, whether it's Champions League or League, is "Hey Jude" by "The Beatles" because Jude Bellingham's numbers are absolutely crazy. Every game is a new show before the world and his impact on the white club is causing his ceiling to be impossible to calculate.

"I don't think I'm a nine as such, but he (Ancelotti) sees that I have fun and that there, I can contribute a lot to the team," Bellingham commented on his role. "I'll play wherever they put me."

After the best season of his life in terms of goals, he has become the first player in history to score four goals in his first four games for Real Madrid in the Champions League. In addition, he has been able to smash a record held by Cristiano Ronaldo and Alfredo Di Stefano.

The marketing of Beckham

The secret formula for David Beckham has long been sought to be discovered. He is a global brand, known on and off the pitch, and his image has been carefully nurtured and promoted to make him a truly influential figure in fashion/branding, entertainment and the world of soccer.

On June 17, 2003, Real Madrid added to its splendid court the King Midas of soccer. Florentino Pérez completed a dream puzzle in a team that became known as Los Galácticos and in which the signing of the English footballer changed everything in the paradigm of sports marketing. Beckham, an advertising icon, has handed over his powers to Bellingham.

Bellingham was already a talent at Borussia, but his arrival at Real Madrid has boosted his media exposure and his status as a global sports figure.

Raul Gonzalez's self-confidence and desire to take on the world

Having Raul's gift of ubiquity is like winning the lottery twice in the same year. Knowing how to be at the right time, in the right place, without making too much noise has been Bellingham's signature.

Bellingham, like the eternal captain, is a leader in areas that cannot be counted in the statistics. He was obsessed with giving a goal to Joselu, who did not have a successful night in front of goal, and when he got it, he worried about his teammate.

He pushed him into the stands to celebrate with the fans and the Spanish striker, who apologized, went back to his place with a smile on his face. Because you don't have to wear the armband to be a leader in the dressing room and Jude was determined to prove it.

Makelele's workrate

Here we come to the most complicated section of all. If it was already difficult to bring together in one person all of the above, it is even more complex to accompany it with a defensive sacrifice rarely seen in a star of world soccer, especially when he plays in the position of the 10.

Against Napoli, Bellingham made the most passes in the final third of the pitch (37), the third most total passes (63), made all five of his long passes, created four scoring chances, shot twice on goal (the most at Madrid), scored one goal and assisted another, completed three of the five dribbles he attempted.

On top of that, he ran 11 kilometers, won five out of 12 duels on the ground and one aerial duel. Bellingham is definitely everywhere on the pitch. There is not a single centimeter of the turf that is left without feeling a Claude Makelele-style tread of his boots.

The French midfielder spent three years in the service of the Galacticos and his 'sweeping broom' allowed the attackers to enjoy without thinking about losses.

Bellingham's heat map in the four Champions League matches he has played proves that defensive work is in his DNA. His soccer is not about skimping on physical efforts or not helping teammates in defensive tasks.

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