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Novak Djokovic describes how he follows the Tom Brady longevity method to stay atop

Tom Brady is a role model even after retirement for some of the greatest athletes of their generation, such is the case of Novak Djokovic. About a decade ago, nobody would've imagined Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal would get any type of competition to be the best tennis player in history. But along came Novak Djokovic, the Serbian star who is already more accomplished than any of the two legends. But 'Nole' is refusing to stop there, he wants to comtinue playing at the highest level past 40. Currently, Djokovic is pushing 36 and he still has at least nine more years playing at the elite level if he wants to emulate what Tom Brady did in the NFL.

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Maybe doing what Tom Brady did in the NFL could be impossible for any other athlete in the world. We know LeBron James will very likely retire from the NBA past his 40th birthday. But Djokovic is another one who will try to emulate what Brady did. Should he continue playing for nine more years at the same level he has today, what he may accomplish could be historic. Right now, Djokovic already hold the record for most Grand Slam titles in the new era with 24. Behind him are Rafael Nadal with 22 and Roger Federer with 20. Currently, 'Nole' is feeling healthy and able to continue playing at the highest level. But he is after much more than that.

In an interview for a Saudi Arabian reporter that was uploaded by @travel__Sports on X, 'Nole' said: "Why stop when you are still playing great? So I will keep going. I know (Tom Brady) personally as well, and I learnt from him, from his example, and, hopefully, I can have a career that goes up to 40 and maybe even beyond, let's see. I feel great in my own body right now, and I have been playing some really high quality tennis. 2023 was one of my best seasons I've had in my life, and why stop while you're still playing great. I will take it one by one and see how far I go."

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