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Ryan Fitzpatrick's live vaccine zinger at Aaron Rodgers lights up social media

Thursday Night Football got an unexpected dose of humor when Ryan Fitzpatrick, now gracing the screens as an Amazon Prime TNF analyst, took a playful jab at none other than New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

The lighthearted moment had social media buzzing before the prime-time broadcast

Fitzpatrick seized the opportunity to inject some humor into the narrative as Rodgers navigated the ups and downs of the media landscape this season.

With Rodgers joining the broadcast from the bench prior to Thursday's showdown between the New York Jets and the Cleveland Browns, the quarterback found himself in the media spotlight.

"Is it safe to say that Aaron Rodgers got more media time not playing this year than he would have if he played?" Fitzpatrick pondered during his TNF analysis.

The conversation naturally veered toward Rodgers' infamous "I'm immunized" saga from 2021.

The quarterback's vaccination status became a topic of discussion that has lingered, with Rodgers continuing to playfully engage with the media on the matter.

During a recent appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers suggested that media members should disclose their vaccine status before criticizing him.

Fitzpatrick, never one to shy away from a good laugh, embraced the opportunity.

Fitzmagic's vaccination jab towards Rodgers

Before the TNF season finale, Fitzpatrick introduced himself to Rodgers in a way only he could.

"Hey Aaron, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Class of 2005, twice vaccinated..."

Aaron chuckled, displaying his knack for handling COVID-related banter.

Fans on social media quickly hailed Fitzpatrick's quick wit, with one declaring, "Fitz is incredible," and another lauding him for the joke, "Fitzmagic from the top rope."

Rodgers, a vocal advocate for unconventional treatments, made headlines for his stance against traditional medicine, including his controversial views on COVID-19 vaccination.

Rodgers, alongside tennis star Novak Djokovic, remains among the notable sports figures who have expressed reservations about the COVID vaccine.

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